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Stop Talking about it...

... and start doing it.
Its Time to "Walk The Talk" Hawaii !
Walk a few miles
Walk 1 day (about 15 miles)
Walk a couple of days - or
Walk all 9 days -all the way around the island- 130 miles total
Reasons why you might want to walk with us.
- What a cool way to go sight seeing !
- You have been working too hard, and need to get some fresh air.
- You live in Hawaii this long, but never seen that other side of the island yet.
- You going to prove to your friends you more crazy than them.
- That extra serving of Haupia is starting to show (There are 579 calories in 1 cup of Haupia)
- That treadmill at the gym is starting to get REAL booooorrring.

Or some real good reasons you want to walk.
- You want to help the homeless, but are not sure exactly where to start or what to do.
- You know someone that has been homeless, and you know how much of a struggle it can be.
- You want to help us do some fundraising so we can make an even better impact and help more people.
- You want to be involved with something where you can see the results you help make happen.
Why we are walking
The 2 main reasons we are walking :
1) It's a Homeless Awareness Event.
2) This event is a fundraiser for us.

While "people are aware there is a homeless issue", Many people are NOT aware of what the actual issues are that hinders a homeless persons ability to make progress and move their lives forward. Sometimes there are common issues like lack of Birth Certificates and ID's. Sometimes the obstacles are more unique to an individual person.

Our goals with this event are to help the public understand some of these issues, and to raise money to help people overcome their obstacles.

We will soon be posting a section of this website titled :
Real People & Stories
where you can read and better understand some of the struggles homeless people go through.
Our walk is how you can help.
Register or volunteer with us today.

Walk The Talk - Shelter the People !
WalkTheTalkHawaii.org is an active project of Hawaiian Hope.
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